Lord of the Rings drawing


Lord of the Rings meets Adventure Time the cartoon show from Cartoon Network.

– CA$H

Lord of the Rings Frodo and Sam


If Frodo and Sam can make it to Mordor, you can make it through the day.

– CA$H

The Lonely Fox


A drawing of a coloured fox

– CA$H



In memory of my favourite cat Malteza who recently died last year.

Rest in Peace Malteza

– CA$H

The Lord of the Rings Frodo Baggins drawing


My second post of my drawings. This post is Frodo Baggins my favourite character from The Lord of the Rings. I hope you like it and feel free to comment. ­čÖé

– CA$H

The Lord of the Rings Frodo and Sam drawing


I have decided to stop drawing Sam and Angela and just draw my interests. This first post is a drawing of my favourite characters from my favourite movie trilogy. So here it is!

– CA$H

Time Goes By – A Sonnet

Time Goes By – A Sonnet

By Emma Shippey-Hoskin

Dad and Emma

How could time get away from us so fast?
Vanish behind the holy portrayal
Forever with the dead hand of the past.
Disease has parted us in betrayal,

If only it could have been prevented
And then we could have had more time to spend
As a grandchild and granddad contented.
I as the girl now at a bitter end,

Trying to reach but are always pulled back
By the thick rope of preposterous strife
And how much I miss those days I now lack.
I wish I could have seen your line of life,

So that I could forbid the end to come
Even when I know that you may succumb.