Sam & Angela Holiday Greetings

Sam Angela Holiday Greetings


Happy Holidays from CA$H!

Sam and Angela #4

This is the latest installment of Sam & Angela by CA$H. ”When I was thinking about a comic strip to draw and write about I wanted to make it something people would tell their friends or share. First I was going to make it a comic strip about me and my life, but I quickly started to figure out that I wasn’t ready to do that kind of story. So I started to  think about two couples, and the crazy things that happen in their life!  When I started to draw them, I knew that my story was about to unfold. If you wanted to ask : ”Where do you get your great ideas?” Well, If you wanted to know, Its all in my head. If you ever want to be a writer like me, then get creative and let your imagination go crazy!!! My advice to you If you are a writer, draw! and never stop! Thanks and I hope you like my fourth installment of Sam and Angela! ”

– CA$H

Fairly Fat Guys on the radio

While CA$H works on her next installment of Sam & Angela, here is a Public Service Announcement provided by Norfolk County Tourism.

Fairly Fat Guy drawings

Fairly Fat Guys talk…

VIDEO: Fairly Fat Guys talk Norfolk County Tourism

  • Original radio ad produced by Norfolk County Tourism
  • Voices: Fairly Fat Guys, Brian Reichheld and Dan Barker
  • Sound Engineer: Adam Leifl
  • Drawings: CA$H
  • Video Editor: Clark Hoskin