Sam & Angela Holiday Greetings

Sam Angela Holiday Greetings


Happy Holidays from CA$H!


Sam and Angela #4

This is the latest installment of Sam & Angela by CA$H. ”When I was thinking about a comic strip to draw and write about I wanted to make it something people would tell their friends or share. First I was going to make it a comic strip about me and my life, but I quickly started to figure out that I wasn’t ready to do that kind of story. So I started to ¬†think about two couples, and the crazy things that happen in their life! ¬†When I started to draw them, I knew that my story was about to unfold. If you wanted to ask : ”Where do you get your great ideas?” Well, If you wanted to know, Its all in my head. If you ever want to be a writer like me, then get creative and let your imagination go crazy!!! My advice to you If you are a writer, draw! and never stop! Thanks and I hope you like my fourth installment of Sam and Angela! ”

– CA$H

Sam and Angela #3

Sam and Angela #3

CA$H says “This is my third installment of Sam & Angela. For this one, I got the idea from the For Better or For Worse comic strip where Elizabeth was playing with a fly swatter. That’s how it got me inspired. Thank you for reading my comic strip!”

Sam and Angela #1

Sam and Angela #1

I’d like to introduce you to CA$H – a young illustrator who is launching her drawings on our blog. She has written several graphic novels that haven’t been published yet, but we plan to show some of them to you. Enjoy!.