Lord of the Rings drawing


Lord of the Rings meets Adventure Time the cartoon show from Cartoon Network.

– CA$H

Lord of the Rings Frodo and Sam


If Frodo and Sam can make it to Mordor, you can make it through the day.

– CA$H

The Lonely Fox


A drawing of a coloured fox

– CA$H



In memory of my favourite cat Malteza who recently died last year.

Rest in Peace Malteza

– CA$H

The Lord of the Rings Frodo Baggins drawing


My second post of my drawings. This post is Frodo Baggins my favourite character from The Lord of the Rings. I hope you like it and feel free to comment. ­čÖé

– CA$H

The Lord of the Rings Frodo and Sam drawing


I have decided to stop drawing Sam and Angela and just draw my interests. This first post is a drawing of my favourite characters from my favourite movie trilogy. So here it is!

– CA$H

Sam & Angela #9

Sam and Angela 9

I’m very happy to be posting another Sam and Angela. In this comic I have put in my favourite musician, TV show character, video game character, and movie character. I hope you like it!

– CA$H